Looking into getting more enquiries by reducing your user effort in filling up form, Full Stack can helps integrate your existing web form with national digital identity APIs (MyInfo / MyInfo Business) to build an efficient, secure and transparent ecosystem that saves time and money.

Suitable for form application like account opening, loan application, job application, investment application and etc.

How MyInfo / MyInfo Business API can enhance your Digital Service

Less form filling, higher data quality

Users can share their data by providing consent via SingPass and organisations no longer have to deal with manual data management.

Data from government sources

With data from participating government sources, this allows the provisioning of products instantly, where applicable

Success Stories

"Full Stack has helped to build a new loan application form integrated with MyInfo, so now instead of asking our customer to login to various portal like CPF, HDB to get the necessary information and fill in our old application form, they can just access MyInfo and these data will all autofilled to the new loan application form. This significantly reduce the effort to fill out an application and increase productivity."

McCoy Manager Orange Credit Pte Ltd https://www.orangecredit.com.sg/

"After integrating MyInfo to our Wordpress site with the help from Full Stack, enquiries have increase more than 100%. The data captured are also accurate."

Stanley Director Capital Funds Investments Pte Ltd https://www.loancfi.com.sg

The Process

  • 01

    Check out what are the information you can pull from MyInfo or MyInfo Business

  • 02

    Tell us the web form you wish to integrate MyInfo / MyInfo Business by filling up the form below.

  • 03

    We will contact you and share with you on the integration process and service fee.

  • 04

    Once this is approved, Full Stack will prepare the information including User Journey document for NDI submission and work with you remotely to submit the application to NDI.

  • 05

    After NDI approved the application (usually 1-2 weeks), Full Stack will purchase the necessary SSL certificates required for integration.

  • 06

    Lastly, Full Stack will start integrate MyInfo script to your existing web form.

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